13. Uri gangaji – “Our canine” or “My canine”

13. Uri gangaji – “Our canine” or “My canine”

Performs this phrase sound familiar? You’ve probably read it a couple of times regarding the Gwiyomi Track from the Southern area Korean singer Hari. As you care able to see by the song’s chipper build and you will naturally healthy spirits, gwiyomi describes a lovely person – or even to become more perfect, an earlier girl exactly who seems lovable and you may simple.

Brand new Gwiyomi Tune exploded towards a viral event throughout China, where famous superstars performed their own items of your track and you may replicated new lovely hands actions about tunes video clips.

9. Yeojachingu – “Girlfriend”

To mention so you’re able to a woman as your girlfriend, state yeojachingu . For many who break down this term into the two parts, it is only a combination of yeoja (“woman”) and you may chingu (“friend”). Easy, correct?

ten. Namjachingu – “Boyfriend”

Tune Joong-ki, Kang Ha-neul, Jung Hae-within the, Hyun Bin, Playground Search engine optimization-joon… Sorry, is actually i however these are words? Right, okay, so! To-name some body their boyfriend, you are able to namjachingu . Just like the previous example, which name off endearment constitutes one or two Korean conditions: namja (“man”) and you can chingu (“friend”).

Now what you need to do is actually slip toward Kim Soo-hyun is why and you will Ji Chang-wook’s DMs. (Just kidding. Please don’t accomplish that.)

eleven. Gonjunim – “Princess”

One historical K-drama fans around? Gonjunim was an excellent Korean label out of endearment meaning “little princess.” Yes, it means speaking about their girlfriend because if she have been royalty; which, the brand new honorific suffix nim was added to convey reverence. Whenever made use of humorously and with a person’s recognition, that is a perfect answer to eradicate the girl which have value and you may let her know that workplace. (It’s their particular. This woman is the fresh new company.)

But just hope us that you will not use this training in order to target feamales in a scary or patronising way. Not one person needs one within life!

a dozen. Wangjanim – “Prince”

Pursuing the analogy above, wangjanim (“prince”) is actually a phrase of endearment that particular female could use in order to healthy their cool, hurrying, and you can gentlemanly boyfriends. For the a exact experience, this might voice a Г¤r Australiska flickor heta tiny out-of-place whenever used beyond your perspective off months K-crisis such as for instance 100 Weeks My personal Prince, however, truth be told there you really have they.

Normally, boyfriends will use so it Korean name out of endearment when handling their girlfriends. It is a pet identity to-name your person otherwise relative. As a matter of fact, it is common for moms and dads to use this terms to mention on the college students too. Somewhat lovable, actually it?

14. Bepeu – “Companion”

Not all regards to endearment must be to own partners otherwise close dating. There are a few enjoyable and you can cute Korean terminology you may use to address family and friends, also. T his 2nd one is perhaps not an effective Korean identity regarding endearment by itself, it still offers an equivalent belief and you can intent.

Bepeu is an effective Korean slang phrase as well as the shortened kind of brand new Konglish (Korean-layout English) keywords beseuteu peurendeu otherwise closest friend. For many who along with your bestie express a common desire to have hallyu or Korean culture, after that offer bepeu an attempt.

15. Bu bu – “Hitched couples”

Bu bu results in “husband and wife” or “married pair.” Couples do not most make use of this identity out-of endearment to handle for each other, but people will consider an alternate couples as a result. T his Korean word was particularly used in people for the relationship relationship. It’s a little attractive and you may lovely, nonetheless.

It turns out that individuals owe one another our very own sleepless evening and our very own polyglot aspirations in order to K-dramas. All kidding aside, hopefully you liked this freeze way on the Korean regards to endearment. In the event the there are people subject areas you’d like us to shelter 2nd inside our Korean vocabulary collection , let us know.